Saturday, June 6, 2015

Where in the world is "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock??

For those of you who watched tonight's episode of IWF SLAM (and if you didn't, what are you waiting on, go to the front page and watch it, NOW!) ok, so now I assume you've all watched tonight's episode of IWF SLAM and I'm sure you noticed the absence of Kimble Winstead's broadcast partner 'Hollywood' Jimmy Blaylock (even though Kimble found an awesome short term replacement).  We here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL try to follow up on EVERY potential news story to make sure the fans of the IWF are always informed about what's going on, however after checking with the home office and asking around....NO ONE seems to know the whereabouts of 'Hollywood' Jimmy Blaylock.  There are rumors floating around as to where he might be but nothing we can consider anything even close to facts.  It's ironic that for weeks on television Blaylock pondered the whereabouts of his friend Memphis Monroe and now Monroe has turned up and Blaylock has gone AWOL.  We here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL will continue to follow this story and try to update you as soon as we know more about what's going on....perhaps 'Hollywood' Jimmy will make his return on JUNE 13th at the big show at the Salvation Army Community Center in Tupelo, there to find out!!

One reader sent in this pic claiming Blaylock is in Mexico but that hasn't been confirmed at this time

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