Monday, June 29, 2015

IWF is on the auction block!?!?!

We reported last week that there were rumors coming out of the IWF home office in Dallas, Texas that something big was brewing but I don't think ANYONE was expecting this!  It came to light during this week's episode of IWF SLAM that the current owners of the Intercontinental Wrestling Federation have pulled out and have placed the company up for auction.  Hopefully more info will become available on this week's episode of IWF SLAM.  As of right now everything is up in the air and nothing is certain until the company falls under new ownership once the auction ends.  Keep checking back here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL as we will continue to follow this breaking story as it develops!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Breaking News out of the IWF Home Office!!

Not many details are known at this time but IWF SLAM CENTRAL's sources in the IWF Home Office in Dallas, Texas are telling us that something huge is unfolding that will rock the IWF to it's core.  We're working right now to get more information on what's going on and will report it to you here as soon we know more.  Look for more on this developing story this Friday night on IWF SLAM on WCBI TV or right here on via youtube!

Sunday, June 14, 2015


"Loverboy" James Hardy became TV champ in Tupelo!

If you weren't in Tupelo, Mississippi last night, you missed a great night of IWF action that saw THREE NEW CHAMPIONS CROWNED!!  "Loverboy" James Hardy w/Mr. Sensational managed to win the IWF Television championship from Chris Kilgore in controversial fashion........Memphis Monroe and his brother Bull Monroe took the IWF Tag Titles from HGH (Justin Rhodes & "D.C." Daniel Cross), and Neil 'the Real Deal' Taylor defeated Barry Wolf to become the IWF Heavyweight Champion in the 'Last Chance: War to Settle the Score' match.  

If you weren't there in Tupelo to see how it all unfolded plus all the other exciting matches that took place....the only way to see it is to tune each week to IWF SLAM on WCBI at 1:05 am or go to and watch the shows anytime after 1am right here from the website.  You never know what's going to happen when you see IWF wrestling live so make sure you are there when it comes to a town near you!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes: Pro Wrestling loses a true LEGEND!

Dusty Rhodes being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

There's a lot of words that get thrown around so much in pro wrestling that they eventually lose their of those words is 'legend'.  The word sometimes gets attached to wrestlers who just manage to have longevity without really contributing anything to the sport.  "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes was the definition of what a wrestling LEGEND is...he has given more to the wrestling business over the years than anyone can really comprehend.  Besides his talents as a wrestler in the ring and on the microphone, the mind of Dusty Rhodes gave birth to many of the things that helped pro wrestling evolve into the multi-million dollar industry it grew to be.  While Vince McMahon did create and conceive a lot of the things that brought pro wrestling into pop culture......One has to wonder would there have ever been a Wrestlemania in '85, if there hadn't been a Starrcade in '83? Would there have ever been a 'Hell in the Cell' or 'Elimination Chamber', if there hadn't been a 'WAR GAMES'?  Dusty Rhodes was always a pioneer behind the scenes seeing pro wrestling as more of an epic movie than a smoke filled sports event.

The Famous "Hard Times" Promo- One of the Best Ever!!

Virgil Runnels was exactly what he always told you he was...."the son of a plumber from Austin, Texas."  From humble beginnings and an athletic background, Virgil Runnels would go from the football field of West Texas State to the Main Event in Madison Square Garden and other arenas all over the world.   Dusty Rhodes was not just a "rassler", Dusty Rhodes was a force of could not ignore him when he was on your had to listen to what he was fans could relate to him....this wasn't some 6'9 muscle bound super hero, this was a guy that they felt like they knew....a guy who understood what they were going through.....a guy who was literally living their "American Dream."  While Dusty didn't look like the classic athlete no one could take away from his ability as he could go in the ring and go 60 minutes every night with Harley Race and Ric Flair and often work in two different towns in the same day.  He had the respect of his peers for being able to go in the ring and back up the talk from his now famous promos.   Dusty Rhodes, 'the Common Man' made the perfect rival for the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair....they had the perfect chemistry and the two characters balanced each other out.....selling out arenas all over the country to see them do battle. 

Dusty Rhodes: Three time NWA World Champion

Dusty Rhodes proved over the years to be very versatile.....though often knocked for "booking himself on top" when he was in control of the booking....Dusty proved over the years that he could "get over" regardless of the circumstances.....when he went to work for the WWF in 1989, Vince McMahon put him in a polka dot outfit and had him tape silly vignettes to build to his debut...however, in what for most would be an impossible situation....Dusty Rhodes did what he did best and made it all entertaining and still managed to get over with the fans of the WWF.  That will be a big part of the Dream's legacy is he entertained the fans at all times.....whether he was having a classic match with Tully Blanchard or Ric Flair, or sporting polka dots against the Big Boss Man or the Honky Tonk Man, or doing color commentary in WCW...Dusty was always entertaining.

Dusty at NXT in Orlando w/Ric Flair, HHH, and Pat Patterson

Besides his obvious accomplishments in the ring and outside of it during his career, one of Dusty's greatest legacies is the lasting impression he's left on the wrestling business that will be evident for years to come.  If you are in the pro wrestling business today you have been influenced by Dusty Rhodes, if not directly then by the fact the person who influences YOU was influenced by Dusty Rhodes.  For the past few years Dusty has been teaching a "promo class" in Florida for the upcoming wrestlers in NXT and has been instrumental in developing new characters that are now some of the WWE's top stars like Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, and most recently Kevin Owens.   Of course two of Dusty's most obvious contributions to pro wrestling are his sons Dustin and Cody who have gone on to have successful careers and have made their father proud.

Cody, Dusty, and Dustin: The Rhodes Family

Today on June 11, 2015....Virgil Runnels passed away at the age of 69.  Not a lot of details are known about his death at this time and it's not really relevant to this story.....the details don't change the fact that there's a hole left in the pro wrestling business that will never be filled.  No matter who comes along in the future there will NEVER be another "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.  He's one of a kind and can never be duplicated.  His legacy will live on with his sons, and the wonderful memories we are fortunate enough to be able to relive anytime we choose to through the magic of the WWE Network, YouTube, and DVDs.  I was fortunate to get to meet my hero Dusty Rhodes last summer at the NWA Legend's Fanfest in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I'm lucky I've gotten the chance to meet a lot of my heroes over the years but I can honestly say I can't think of any I was more excited to meet than 'the Dream'.  He was super nice to my wife and I and it's an experience We'll never forget.

ISC Editor Gene Jackson, Dusty Rhodes, and Rose Jackson

Rest in Peace Dusty.....the hard times are over.....thanks for a lifetime of memories!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Breaking News from IWF Commissioner Dennis Upton about Taylor vs. Wolf 2 this Saturday!!


IWF SLAM CENTRAL just got off the phone with IWF Commissioner Dennis Upton who had some big news to tell us about this Saturday's night IWF Championship Match in Tupelo, MS.  Here's a transcript of that phone call.

DU: "I wanted all the readers of IWF SLAM CENTRAL here at to be the first to know that I've been doing a lot of thinking about everything that's gone on in the past few months between Barry Wolf and Neil Taylor.  It was obvious at IWF Homecoming that this situation has escalated to a dangerous level....Mr. Sensational's guys introduced ether into the match last month at the Salvation Army Community Center which is dangerous not only to the wrestlers that they attacked with it, but it's not something I want around the fans of the IWF either.  The bottom line is this war has to end on June 13th in Tupelo before this thing can get any further out of hand.  So with that being said this match will now be what I'm referring to as a 'LAST CHANCE: WAR TO SETTLE THE SCORE' this Saturday night!"

ISC: "What exactly does that mean, Mr. Upton?"

DU: "It means this match Saturday night will be the LAST IWF Title match between Barry Wolf and Neil Taylor.....regardless of who wins this match or how....the loser WILL NOT receive another title match as long as the other man remains the champion."

ISC: "Wow. that really ups the stakes here Dennis....could that mean that things could get even crazier than before?"

DU: "Quite possibly, but whatever happens....this will be the end of the line....they will have to settle it Saturday night because there will be no more chances afterwards."

ISC: "How did the guys react when you told them?"

DU: (laughs) "Well see, that's the thing....I haven't told them yet.....this is an exclusive announcement for the fans of so Barry Wolf, Mr. Sensational, and Neil Taylor will all read it here first just like everyone else."

ISC: "Oh boy, Mr. Sensational will be livid....I can only imagine what he'll have up his sleeve now if he knows that all he has to do is pull off one more victory over Neil Taylor and no more title matches will come his way."

DU: "I'm sure he will and I'm also sure that Neil Taylor may have a few tricks up his sleeve as well....and who knows I may even have a few more surprises for Mr. Sensational when we get to Tupelo this Saturday night."

There you have it fans....this Saturday night it's the 'LAST CHANCE: WAR TO SETTLE THE SCORE' Barry Wolf w/Mr. Sensational vs. Neil 'The Real Deal' there live because this one might not be able to be aired on television in it's entirety because things are gonna get crazy in Tupelo!!

Mr. Sensational and IWF Champion Barry Wolf

Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor


Monday, June 8, 2015

"Loverboy" James Hardy has arrived in the IWF!

"Loverboy" James Hardy is the newest client of Mr. Sensational

Recently Mr. Sensational introduced his newest find...."Loverboy" James Hardy. IWF SLAM CENTRAL got a chance to speak with Hardy and get a little insight into the mind of the "Loverboy".

ISC: "So, you seemingly appeared out of nowhere in Tupelo to help Mr. Sensational and Barry Wolf defeat Neil Taylor.....tell the IWF fans a little about "Loverboy" James Hardy and your background in wrestling."
JH: "So you want the scoop? The inside dirt on who exactly is "Loverboy" James Hardy, well you're lucky I'm feeling generous and willing to share said information I am a 1st generation independent wrestling star I have wrestled all over this country gracing people with the honor to look at the 'Sensational Sultan of Sexy' by the way that is copy written and trademarked for me so don't try stealing it. Now back to me where the subject should always be because lets face it, you came to me asking me about me. I have been wrestling for almost a decade and have been on IPPV, on TV on AMC, and even Netflix and I can prove all of those but honestly your opinion doesn't matter to me so let's continue talking about me."
ISC: "We've received a lot of emails here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL from fans who seem to think you are just the former Dallas Monroe without his mask? How do you respond to that accusation?"
JH: "Dallas who? Oh you mean that joke of a wrestler that once his brother dropped him like a sack of crap and left him high and dry and quit IWF he lost every match he had and eventually lost his career and mask and is gone from IWF? Matter of fact why are we talking about him? Aren't we supposed to be talking about me or are you gonna waste my time with nonsense about Dallas No Longer Employed here?"
ISC: "So if you are not the former Dallas Monroe, how did you come to be associated with Mr. Sensational?"
JH: "What can I say, Mr. Sensational contacted me, clearly it has to be my in ring ability, gorgeous body, and great sense of taste in clothing and other fine luxuries that true men who know how to dress and always impress can truly appreciate so of course business was discussed and now here I am for all the fans of IWF's viewing pleasure."
ISC: "You seem to have a real issue with Television Champion Chris Kilgore....Are just after his title, or is it more personal than that?"
JH: "Chris Kilgross, is he that ugly redneck with a plastic cowboy hat that tried to interfere in Barry Wolf's match? He is just another person in my way of becoming the best looking champion on IWF Slam TV. Plus I heard him and Neil Taylor are good "close" friends and to me that's just pathetic."
ISC: "What's your beef with Neil Taylor?"
JH: "He is without a doubt the ugliest, least manliest wrestler I have ever seen, out of shape clashes with his ring attire it makes me wanna puke how much he needs a fashion makeover and Jenny Craig, I mean clearly he is afraid to show his body hence why he wears the tied in a knot shirt like a San Francisco outcast I think even the gay community would excommunicate him for the way he dresses, simply a tragedy and another thing all those women don't wanna look at his grotesque figure when they can gaze upon my finely chiseled, rip, trim, and immaculate body I am what a real man looks like as a matter of fact I have a soiree to attend with tons of fine women so this interview is about over."
ISC: "What's your long term goals here in the IWF?"
JH: "I told you I intend on becoming The Best Looking Champion to grace the IWF Slam cameras."
ISC: "Thank you for your time, we here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL wish you luck in your title match this Friday night on IWF SLAM TV....Any final words for the fans of the IWF?"
JH: "You may think one day, hey maybe I can be like the "Sensational Sultan of Sexy Loverboy" James Hardy but keep dreaming because all the women wanna be with me and the men just wish they could be me and the reality is no one will ever come close!"

"Loverboy" James Hardy along with Mr. Sensational makes his IWF in ring debut this week on IWF Slam at 1:05am on WCBI or if you aren't in the WCBI viewing area you can see the show right here on after 1:05am. Hardy will challenge Television Champion Chris Kilgore with a very special referee. Tune this week to see if the "Loverboy" can take home the gold in his debut match!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Introducing: Nathan Aulridge

This week on IWF SLAM, Nathan Aulridge made his IWF debut against "Snake Man" Mitch Toretta.  While Nathan may be a newcomer to the IWF he's certainly not a newcomer to the wrestling ring.  Nathan Aulridge has been making a name for himself for several years now in promotions all across the Mid South winning matches and many championships along the way.  IWF SLAM CENTRAL got a chance to catch up with Nathan and speak with him about his recent debut and what his future holds here in the IWF.

The big man goes for the 'frog splash' off the top rope

ISC: "You recently made your IWF debut with an impressive showing against Mitch Toretta in Alabama, despite the fact Mitch pulled out the and officials of the IWF are talking about your performance....Do you feel you could have done anything differently that might have gotten you the win?"

NA: "Go back and watch the footage again. I was never pinned by Mitch Toretta, the official never counted the one, two, three. After the DDT he grabbed that snake so I didn't lose in my debut match."
(Editor's note: You can watch the episode and decide for yourself if Nathan was pinned or not)

ISC: "Besides a rematch down the line with Mitch Toretta, Who would like to get in the ring with here in the IWF?

NA: "I will fight anybody on the roster..I have my targets but you'll find out who's on my list soon enough."

ISC: "What's something the IWF fans should know about Nathan Aulridge, that they might not know from watching your debut?"

NA: "What should they know about me? All these people need to know is that I am a new breed of professional wrestler...a hybrid mix of old school and new era.. Combining mat wrestling with an M.M.A. background there's nobody more dangerous on this roster than me."

ISC: "What wrestlers have influenced you the most in your wrestling career?"

NA: "My influences were Vader, Yokozuna, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Terry Gordy."

ISC: "Would you ever consider getting a manager?"

NA: "I've had some in the past. I don't need anyone out there with me but if they get me more money sure I would."

ISC: "In Hamilton you seemed to not get along with the fans, what's your issue with the fans? Why don't they wanna cheer for you?"

NA: "Those ugly moronic backwoods rejects wanted to disrespect me.... I put my life on the line out there and they boo me.. It's not about being loved or hated its about being the best and getting the respect that I'm due."

ISC: "Thank you for your time and we here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL wish you the best of luck moving forward, is there anything else you wanna get off your chest that you didn't already during this interview?"

NA: "You're welcome for the interview... Tell the powers that be I'm here to stay and I am a future champion...and if anyone doesn't like it...well, that's just too bad!"

Nathan Aulridge gives a T-Bone Suplex to Pokerface

Where in the world is "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock??

For those of you who watched tonight's episode of IWF SLAM (and if you didn't, what are you waiting on, go to the front page and watch it, NOW!) ok, so now I assume you've all watched tonight's episode of IWF SLAM and I'm sure you noticed the absence of Kimble Winstead's broadcast partner 'Hollywood' Jimmy Blaylock (even though Kimble found an awesome short term replacement).  We here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL try to follow up on EVERY potential news story to make sure the fans of the IWF are always informed about what's going on, however after checking with the home office and asking around....NO ONE seems to know the whereabouts of 'Hollywood' Jimmy Blaylock.  There are rumors floating around as to where he might be but nothing we can consider anything even close to facts.  It's ironic that for weeks on television Blaylock pondered the whereabouts of his friend Memphis Monroe and now Monroe has turned up and Blaylock has gone AWOL.  We here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL will continue to follow this story and try to update you as soon as we know more about what's going on....perhaps 'Hollywood' Jimmy will make his return on JUNE 13th at the big show at the Salvation Army Community Center in Tupelo, there to find out!!

One reader sent in this pic claiming Blaylock is in Mexico but that hasn't been confirmed at this time

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mr. Sensational promises that June 13th in Tupelo, Mississippi is gonna be a show "you can't miss!!"

IWF SLAM CENTRAL got a moment to speak with Mr. Sensational this week and he says that we "haven't seen anything yet" and everyone better be in Tupelo on June 13th to see what he has in store.  

When asked about Dallas Monroe's epic loss at the last Tupelo event, Mr. Sensational had this to say, "While Dallas Monroe did serve me well for a short time, the fact is I have found a replacement for him that's TWICE the wrestler Dallas EVER was in 'Loverboy' James Hardy, he's the next great superstar here in the IWF. Watch your television sets the next couple of weeks because 'Loverboy' and myself are gonna show you why Dallas Monroe is just an afterthought, and while we're on the subject of Dallas Monroe....his brother, Memphis Monroe is winding up his tour of Japan where he has beaten everybody over there and has won a boatload of titles....he's returning to the IWF and he's bringing his baby brother Bull Monroe to the Salvation Army Community Center and they are looking for HGH and those IWF Tag Team titles!"

We then asked him if he was worried about Neil Taylor getting a rematch with Barry Wolf for the IWF Heavyweight Title on June 13th....his response was "Why would we be concerned with Neil Taylor? Did you see what we did to him last time? Barry Wolf beat him fair and square in the middle of the ring and then shaved his head right there in front of his friends and family....our only concern really is how are we gonna manage to humiliate him any worse this time than what we did to him last time?  Don't worry though, we'll think of something and when we humiliate him this time, I hope he finally realizes that he's never gonna beat Barry Wolf for the title and just moves on....maybe he can go make stupid YouTube videos for that Cheap Heat TV crap you do and leave the wrestling to guys like Barry Wolf, James Hardy and the New Monroe Brothers.  Now if you'll excuse me I've got more important things to do than answer your questions...if you wanna hear from Mr. Sensation tune into IWF Slam at 1:05am this Saturday morning on WCBI or watch me on YouTube at"

For more from Mr. Sensational, follow him on Facebook at

IWF Wrestler of the Month May 2015: TV Champion Chris Kilgore

IWF Television Champion Chris Kilgore

For nearly 18 years Chris Kilgore has stepped inside the squared circle battling bad guys and has earned himself the reputation of being a respected veteran of the mat game.  Kilgore was trained by the late , great Sammy Hall and made a name for himself across the Southeast as 1/2 of the Fly Boyz tag team with Josh Holley winning the NWA Southern Tag Team titles and eventually multiple reigns holding the IWF Tag Team Championship.  Eventually Josh Holley left the wrestling business but Chris Kilgore continued on solo and remained one of the most popular guys on any show he competed on.  In November of 2014, Kilgore returned to the IWF and some doubters said his best years were "behind him".   Well Chris has quickly proven them wrong with quite an impressive win/loss record in the IWF and eventually he went on to defeat "Prince of Pain" Joe Kane  (and a number of other IWF Stars) on television to become the new IWF Television Champion.

A number of challengers came out of the woodwork to try to take the championship away from Kilgore but the most persistent challenger was Dallas Monroe led by Mr. Sensational. Kilgore faced of with Monroe on a couple of different occasions and managed to hold on to the belt until there was a final showdown between the two at 'IWF Homecoming' when the IWF made it's return to the Salvation Army Gym in Tupelo in May.  Kilgore faced Dallas Monroe in a match where not only was his title on the line but the career of Dallas Monroe was on the line as well....After a hard fought match Kilgore managed to not only defeat Monroe but unmask him as well sending him packing once and for all from the IWF to the delight of all the fans in Tupelo and thousands watching on their televisions at home.   It was thanks to this impressive victory that Chris Kilgore was chosen to be IWF'S Wrestler of the Month for May 2015!! Congratulations to the TV champ!!


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