Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Breaking News from IWF Commissioner Dennis Upton about Taylor vs. Wolf 2 this Saturday!!


IWF SLAM CENTRAL just got off the phone with IWF Commissioner Dennis Upton who had some big news to tell us about this Saturday's night IWF Championship Match in Tupelo, MS.  Here's a transcript of that phone call.

DU: "I wanted all the readers of IWF SLAM CENTRAL here at to be the first to know that I've been doing a lot of thinking about everything that's gone on in the past few months between Barry Wolf and Neil Taylor.  It was obvious at IWF Homecoming that this situation has escalated to a dangerous level....Mr. Sensational's guys introduced ether into the match last month at the Salvation Army Community Center which is dangerous not only to the wrestlers that they attacked with it, but it's not something I want around the fans of the IWF either.  The bottom line is this war has to end on June 13th in Tupelo before this thing can get any further out of hand.  So with that being said this match will now be what I'm referring to as a 'LAST CHANCE: WAR TO SETTLE THE SCORE' this Saturday night!"

ISC: "What exactly does that mean, Mr. Upton?"

DU: "It means this match Saturday night will be the LAST IWF Title match between Barry Wolf and Neil Taylor.....regardless of who wins this match or how....the loser WILL NOT receive another title match as long as the other man remains the champion."

ISC: "Wow. that really ups the stakes here Dennis....could that mean that things could get even crazier than before?"

DU: "Quite possibly, but whatever happens....this will be the end of the line....they will have to settle it Saturday night because there will be no more chances afterwards."

ISC: "How did the guys react when you told them?"

DU: (laughs) "Well see, that's the thing....I haven't told them yet.....this is an exclusive announcement for the fans of so Barry Wolf, Mr. Sensational, and Neil Taylor will all read it here first just like everyone else."

ISC: "Oh boy, Mr. Sensational will be livid....I can only imagine what he'll have up his sleeve now if he knows that all he has to do is pull off one more victory over Neil Taylor and no more title matches will come his way."

DU: "I'm sure he will and I'm also sure that Neil Taylor may have a few tricks up his sleeve as well....and who knows I may even have a few more surprises for Mr. Sensational when we get to Tupelo this Saturday night."

There you have it fans....this Saturday night it's the 'LAST CHANCE: WAR TO SETTLE THE SCORE' Barry Wolf w/Mr. Sensational vs. Neil 'The Real Deal' there live because this one might not be able to be aired on television in it's entirety because things are gonna get crazy in Tupelo!!

Mr. Sensational and IWF Champion Barry Wolf

Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor


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