Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mr. Sensational promises that June 13th in Tupelo, Mississippi is gonna be a show "you can't miss!!"

IWF SLAM CENTRAL got a moment to speak with Mr. Sensational this week and he says that we "haven't seen anything yet" and everyone better be in Tupelo on June 13th to see what he has in store.  

When asked about Dallas Monroe's epic loss at the last Tupelo event, Mr. Sensational had this to say, "While Dallas Monroe did serve me well for a short time, the fact is I have found a replacement for him that's TWICE the wrestler Dallas EVER was in 'Loverboy' James Hardy, he's the next great superstar here in the IWF. Watch your television sets the next couple of weeks because 'Loverboy' and myself are gonna show you why Dallas Monroe is just an afterthought, and while we're on the subject of Dallas Monroe....his brother, Memphis Monroe is winding up his tour of Japan where he has beaten everybody over there and has won a boatload of titles....he's returning to the IWF and he's bringing his baby brother Bull Monroe to the Salvation Army Community Center and they are looking for HGH and those IWF Tag Team titles!"

We then asked him if he was worried about Neil Taylor getting a rematch with Barry Wolf for the IWF Heavyweight Title on June 13th....his response was "Why would we be concerned with Neil Taylor? Did you see what we did to him last time? Barry Wolf beat him fair and square in the middle of the ring and then shaved his head right there in front of his friends and family....our only concern really is how are we gonna manage to humiliate him any worse this time than what we did to him last time?  Don't worry though, we'll think of something and when we humiliate him this time, I hope he finally realizes that he's never gonna beat Barry Wolf for the title and just moves on....maybe he can go make stupid YouTube videos for that Cheap Heat TV crap you do and leave the wrestling to guys like Barry Wolf, James Hardy and the New Monroe Brothers.  Now if you'll excuse me I've got more important things to do than answer your questions...if you wanna hear from Mr. Sensation tune into IWF Slam at 1:05am this Saturday morning on WCBI or watch me on YouTube at"

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