Wednesday, June 3, 2015

IWF Wrestler of the Month May 2015: TV Champion Chris Kilgore

IWF Television Champion Chris Kilgore

For nearly 18 years Chris Kilgore has stepped inside the squared circle battling bad guys and has earned himself the reputation of being a respected veteran of the mat game.  Kilgore was trained by the late , great Sammy Hall and made a name for himself across the Southeast as 1/2 of the Fly Boyz tag team with Josh Holley winning the NWA Southern Tag Team titles and eventually multiple reigns holding the IWF Tag Team Championship.  Eventually Josh Holley left the wrestling business but Chris Kilgore continued on solo and remained one of the most popular guys on any show he competed on.  In November of 2014, Kilgore returned to the IWF and some doubters said his best years were "behind him".   Well Chris has quickly proven them wrong with quite an impressive win/loss record in the IWF and eventually he went on to defeat "Prince of Pain" Joe Kane  (and a number of other IWF Stars) on television to become the new IWF Television Champion.

A number of challengers came out of the woodwork to try to take the championship away from Kilgore but the most persistent challenger was Dallas Monroe led by Mr. Sensational. Kilgore faced of with Monroe on a couple of different occasions and managed to hold on to the belt until there was a final showdown between the two at 'IWF Homecoming' when the IWF made it's return to the Salvation Army Gym in Tupelo in May.  Kilgore faced Dallas Monroe in a match where not only was his title on the line but the career of Dallas Monroe was on the line as well....After a hard fought match Kilgore managed to not only defeat Monroe but unmask him as well sending him packing once and for all from the IWF to the delight of all the fans in Tupelo and thousands watching on their televisions at home.   It was thanks to this impressive victory that Chris Kilgore was chosen to be IWF'S Wrestler of the Month for May 2015!! Congratulations to the TV champ!!

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