Monday, June 8, 2015

"Loverboy" James Hardy has arrived in the IWF!

"Loverboy" James Hardy is the newest client of Mr. Sensational

Recently Mr. Sensational introduced his newest find...."Loverboy" James Hardy. IWF SLAM CENTRAL got a chance to speak with Hardy and get a little insight into the mind of the "Loverboy".

ISC: "So, you seemingly appeared out of nowhere in Tupelo to help Mr. Sensational and Barry Wolf defeat Neil Taylor.....tell the IWF fans a little about "Loverboy" James Hardy and your background in wrestling."
JH: "So you want the scoop? The inside dirt on who exactly is "Loverboy" James Hardy, well you're lucky I'm feeling generous and willing to share said information I am a 1st generation independent wrestling star I have wrestled all over this country gracing people with the honor to look at the 'Sensational Sultan of Sexy' by the way that is copy written and trademarked for me so don't try stealing it. Now back to me where the subject should always be because lets face it, you came to me asking me about me. I have been wrestling for almost a decade and have been on IPPV, on TV on AMC, and even Netflix and I can prove all of those but honestly your opinion doesn't matter to me so let's continue talking about me."
ISC: "We've received a lot of emails here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL from fans who seem to think you are just the former Dallas Monroe without his mask? How do you respond to that accusation?"
JH: "Dallas who? Oh you mean that joke of a wrestler that once his brother dropped him like a sack of crap and left him high and dry and quit IWF he lost every match he had and eventually lost his career and mask and is gone from IWF? Matter of fact why are we talking about him? Aren't we supposed to be talking about me or are you gonna waste my time with nonsense about Dallas No Longer Employed here?"
ISC: "So if you are not the former Dallas Monroe, how did you come to be associated with Mr. Sensational?"
JH: "What can I say, Mr. Sensational contacted me, clearly it has to be my in ring ability, gorgeous body, and great sense of taste in clothing and other fine luxuries that true men who know how to dress and always impress can truly appreciate so of course business was discussed and now here I am for all the fans of IWF's viewing pleasure."
ISC: "You seem to have a real issue with Television Champion Chris Kilgore....Are just after his title, or is it more personal than that?"
JH: "Chris Kilgross, is he that ugly redneck with a plastic cowboy hat that tried to interfere in Barry Wolf's match? He is just another person in my way of becoming the best looking champion on IWF Slam TV. Plus I heard him and Neil Taylor are good "close" friends and to me that's just pathetic."
ISC: "What's your beef with Neil Taylor?"
JH: "He is without a doubt the ugliest, least manliest wrestler I have ever seen, out of shape clashes with his ring attire it makes me wanna puke how much he needs a fashion makeover and Jenny Craig, I mean clearly he is afraid to show his body hence why he wears the tied in a knot shirt like a San Francisco outcast I think even the gay community would excommunicate him for the way he dresses, simply a tragedy and another thing all those women don't wanna look at his grotesque figure when they can gaze upon my finely chiseled, rip, trim, and immaculate body I am what a real man looks like as a matter of fact I have a soiree to attend with tons of fine women so this interview is about over."
ISC: "What's your long term goals here in the IWF?"
JH: "I told you I intend on becoming The Best Looking Champion to grace the IWF Slam cameras."
ISC: "Thank you for your time, we here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL wish you luck in your title match this Friday night on IWF SLAM TV....Any final words for the fans of the IWF?"
JH: "You may think one day, hey maybe I can be like the "Sensational Sultan of Sexy Loverboy" James Hardy but keep dreaming because all the women wanna be with me and the men just wish they could be me and the reality is no one will ever come close!"

"Loverboy" James Hardy along with Mr. Sensational makes his IWF in ring debut this week on IWF Slam at 1:05am on WCBI or if you aren't in the WCBI viewing area you can see the show right here on after 1:05am. Hardy will challenge Television Champion Chris Kilgore with a very special referee. Tune this week to see if the "Loverboy" can take home the gold in his debut match!

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