Saturday, June 6, 2015

Introducing: Nathan Aulridge

This week on IWF SLAM, Nathan Aulridge made his IWF debut against "Snake Man" Mitch Toretta.  While Nathan may be a newcomer to the IWF he's certainly not a newcomer to the wrestling ring.  Nathan Aulridge has been making a name for himself for several years now in promotions all across the Mid South winning matches and many championships along the way.  IWF SLAM CENTRAL got a chance to catch up with Nathan and speak with him about his recent debut and what his future holds here in the IWF.

The big man goes for the 'frog splash' off the top rope

ISC: "You recently made your IWF debut with an impressive showing against Mitch Toretta in Alabama, despite the fact Mitch pulled out the and officials of the IWF are talking about your performance....Do you feel you could have done anything differently that might have gotten you the win?"

NA: "Go back and watch the footage again. I was never pinned by Mitch Toretta, the official never counted the one, two, three. After the DDT he grabbed that snake so I didn't lose in my debut match."
(Editor's note: You can watch the episode and decide for yourself if Nathan was pinned or not)

ISC: "Besides a rematch down the line with Mitch Toretta, Who would like to get in the ring with here in the IWF?

NA: "I will fight anybody on the roster..I have my targets but you'll find out who's on my list soon enough."

ISC: "What's something the IWF fans should know about Nathan Aulridge, that they might not know from watching your debut?"

NA: "What should they know about me? All these people need to know is that I am a new breed of professional wrestler...a hybrid mix of old school and new era.. Combining mat wrestling with an M.M.A. background there's nobody more dangerous on this roster than me."

ISC: "What wrestlers have influenced you the most in your wrestling career?"

NA: "My influences were Vader, Yokozuna, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Terry Gordy."

ISC: "Would you ever consider getting a manager?"

NA: "I've had some in the past. I don't need anyone out there with me but if they get me more money sure I would."

ISC: "In Hamilton you seemed to not get along with the fans, what's your issue with the fans? Why don't they wanna cheer for you?"

NA: "Those ugly moronic backwoods rejects wanted to disrespect me.... I put my life on the line out there and they boo me.. It's not about being loved or hated its about being the best and getting the respect that I'm due."

ISC: "Thank you for your time and we here at IWF SLAM CENTRAL wish you the best of luck moving forward, is there anything else you wanna get off your chest that you didn't already during this interview?"

NA: "You're welcome for the interview... Tell the powers that be I'm here to stay and I am a future champion...and if anyone doesn't like it...well, that's just too bad!"

Nathan Aulridge gives a T-Bone Suplex to Pokerface

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