Sunday, July 5, 2015


Apparently this week's episode of IWF Slam was indeed the final episode of the show.  It was revealed earlier this week that a production company known mostly for making reality television had purchased the IWF but there was no indication of what their intentions were for the company.   On this week's episode of IWF Slam it was revealed half way through the episode that Commissioner Dennis Upton and newly crowned IWF Champion Neil 'the Real Deal' Taylor had been fired by the new owners.  This led to speculation from host Michael Thomas that Mr. Sensational was somehow involved in the new ownership.  Mr. Sensational later joined the broadcast to reveal he had nothing to do with the new owners but was taking a liking to them until it was revealed that Barry Wolf, TV Champion James Hardy and newly crowned IWF tag team champions The Monroe Brothers were all fired as well which effectively vacated all active titles in the IWF leaving the promotion without any champions.

It would also be revealed that Mr. Sensational was fired as well.  Producer Dustin Burcham said that the while he was the editor of the show, there was a video that had been sent directly to the tv station that was about to air from the new owners of the IWF.  At this point a video aired showing the IWF banner featuring the trademark flame lettering being literally set on fire and burned while a distorted voice proclaiming themselves to be the new owner said that the IWF that came to be in 1997 would now die in 2015 and that all IWF employees were officially released from their duties and that IWF Slam was officially off the air and this would be the last time you'd ever see the letters....I...W...F.

At this time, I still have not been able to actually speak directly to the new owners of the IWF so I came here to post this while I still have access to the website. (As you can see they have accessed it and altered it already.)  It has been rumored that the previous owners signed a "no-compete" clause as part of the sale and cannot continue to promote wrestling shows under any other name.  I've spoken to a number of the talent involved with IWF and this has come as a complete shock to them all as NO ONE had any idea this was taking place.  No one knows what the future holds but based on the what happened in what the new owners have labeled the 'FINAL EPISODE' of IWF SLAM...EVER.  The IWF that we've all known since 1997 is seemingly no seems the historic flame logo going up in flames was meant to be symbolic to both the fans and wrestlers of the IWF that it's officially dead and buried.

On behalf of IWF Slam Central and the previous ownership of the IWF, we'd like to thank all the fans who have supported the IWF over the years....and also would like to thank all the wrestlers, referees, announcers, tv production workers, and anyone else whose hard work helped make IWF Slam possible.  In case you missed this week's episode you can watch it below.

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